I’m Dr. Jez Phillips – welcome to my blog!  I’m a psychologist and am Deputy Head of Psychology, and senior lecturer, at the University of Chester in the UK. Outside of work I am lucky enough to live in rural Shropshire with my amazing wife (who is a writer and indexer) and our young daughter (who is a huge fan of the Octonauts).

I have a fascination with all things relating to human behaviour and psychology, but my particular areas of interest relate to the field of forensic psychology. This is a broad area in itself, covering the application of psychology to diverse, but related, issues such policing, criminal investigation, criminal action and the many elements of the criminal justice system. I enjoy lecturing on, and researching, all of these areas and am currently working on projects involving the management of Priority and Prolific Offenders and the use of social media in policing.

I’m aiming for this blog to become a resource for people interested in forensic psycholgoy and a place where I can share links to research, news, resources and comment on the many debates within the field. I’m also hoping to use it as a platform for research itself so please visit again and get involved!


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