Free Research Resources: Geographical Profiling & the Spatial Behaviour of Serial Offenders.

Following on from my links last week, here are more full text articles or papers for any writers, police officers, students or other interested parties! I have posted links to these on Twitter before but have had many new followers since and these may have easily been missed. I have divided these into two key areas. Firstly those which give a general overview of geographical profiling and look at the controversies that surround it. The second set look more specifically at the spatial behaviour in serial offences.

As before I hope these are of use. Please share these if you can and let me know what you think of these resources. Many thanks!

Geographical profiling

  1. Short BBC video on mapping crime and geographical profiling, link here:

 2. What is Geographical Profiling? Find a useful and brief overview here:

 3. National Police Improvement Agency on the Geographical Profiler. Overview of use by the police in the UK here:

4. Geographical profiling – the debate continues.

 5. Good info on geographical profiling in this full text paper: Geographic Profiling: The Fast, Frugal, and Accurate Way.

6. A Comparison of the Efficacy of Different Decay Functions in Geographical Profiling for a Sample of US Serial Killers:

 The spatial behaviour of serial offenders

  1. Paper on theories of criminal behaviour that explain spatial choices of serial murderers

2. Paper link: Spatial Patterns of Serial Murder: An analysis of disposal site location choice.

 3. Locations where serial murderers offend may be governed by implicit, if limited, rationality. Full text article here:

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