Research in Offender Profiling: Useful Full Text Resources.

 Following on from my post last week, this is the first of a series of posts in which I will share links to research papers and articles. These have all been tweeted before but I am aware that they may be easily missed. The choice of these papers is entirely my own as I feel they give good overviews of the area of offender profiling and should be of use to writers, police and others who wish to research this further.

I have tried to include several critical papers as these show the different debates and arguments that surround this, sometimes controversial, practice. In coming weeks I will also be listing links to research on theories of criminality, the brain an crime, geographical profiling and anything else I think may be of interest. Please feel free to share the link to this and let me know if you think these are useful. I hope that proves the case!

Offender profiling research

  1. Book chapter by David Canter:  Offender Profiling

2.   What are Offender profiling and Investigative Psychology about? An overview from David Canter here:

3.  Profiling homicide offenders: A review of assumptions and theories. A useful source of information here

 4. The Organized/Disorganized Typology of Serial Murder: Myth or Model

5.      Excellent review of research testing foundations of offender profiling: Offender profiling & criminal differentiation

6.       Critiques and Conceptual Dimensions to Criminal Profiling. Useful pdf chapter here:

7.  A Review of the Validity of Criminal Profiling 

8. Link to interesting paper from Homicide Studies journal – Criminal Profiling: Real Science or just Wishful Thinking? 

9. Pragmatic solutions to offender profiling and behavioural investigative advice

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2 Responses to Research in Offender Profiling: Useful Full Text Resources.

  1. Many thanks for re-blogging this, much appreciated! Regards, Jez

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